Summer Magic Tarot Mentoring Session

Let me ask you a question…

Have you had a strong desire to learn the Tarot but have put it off for far too long? It could be for a number of reasons:

  • You’ve been told that you’ll have to be gifted your deck before you can even start.
  • People have told you to stay away from them for religious reasons or because they’re ‘evil’.
  • You’ve maybe been led to believe that you have to have a special ‘gift’ to be able to even begin learning?
  • Or it’s just so much to learn, there’s no way you have the time.

I get it.

Really. I was there for a long, long time.

I saw my first, in person, deck when I was still in High School. Someone did a reading for me in the cafeteria and I fell in love with them. I came home and I had wanted to get my very own deck. There was a problem with that. I was told there was no way they were coming into this house and I wasn’t raised a witch or devil worshipper. Well, I knew that I wasn’t raised that way.

You see, I was raised in the West Tennessee area where you may find it hard to find a deck of Tarot Cards but you sure won’t have any trouble finding a Baptist Church.

After much arguing about this interest, I just let it go and decided not to press the issue. That was all the way back in 1999/2000.

The thought never left me to pick them up and start reading them. I have sought Tarot Readings over the years and they called to me. I finally gave in around 2009 and bought my very first deck which was the Gilded Tarot by Ciro Marchetti. I studied by myself for the longest time when I lived in Kentucky. I soaked up every bit of knowledge I could and did it all in total Hermit Card mode.

As introverted as I am, I craved to be around others who were like myself and I found a Metaphysical Shop which is owned by a dear friend of mine. I’m so happy to have met Mrs. Kathryn and Patty. I took a class from Patty about 3 years after I started studying on my own. I remember her asking me why I wanted to take her class because I already knew a lot.

The answer was simple: I wanted to be around other Tarot Readers and open minded people.

Fair enough.

And here I am, 9 years later and still have my Tarot Decks with me. They’ve not been thrown away, touched, or harmed. I won’t let anyone do that to my precious little gems.

I understand how alone it can feel when you want to do something that no one supports and, if you’ve been wanting to read Tarot, I have some fantastic news for you!

I am now offering a 30 Minute Tarot Magic Mentoring Bundle that includes:

A 15 minute Tarot Reading designed to help you:

  • Breakthrough those blocks that are keeping you from reading Tarot.
  • What’s really holding you back!
  • How you can gain the confidence you need.

The Tarot Mentoring Session will allow you to:

  • Form an Action Plan on your next Step.
  • Talk about the apprehensions you may have!
  • How to create easy spreads


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